Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today is a marvelous day!

I just had the best cup of mint tea made with fresh mint from our garden. Really very nice, it was. I also had some really fantastic news about a project that I have been manifesting for many years now and it seems like it is finally coming to fruition! This is very exciting as it changes the whole course of my life and makes things that weren't previously possible a concrete reality. I am so happy and grateful for this marvelous opportunity. More on this later. When I have all the details.

I made some delicious Sunflower seed Bars today. The whole fam loved them and I did too! They aren't super sweet and are pretty inexpensive to make as well. So here goes.

Sensational Sunflower seed Bars:
1c. raisins, dry
1. sunflower seeds, dry
pinch of salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg

Process in food processor until it starts to form a ball.

If mixture is too dry or too sour add one or both of following ingredients:
1-2 Tbsp. honey (optional, check sweetness first, then add)
1 Tbsp. coconut oil (optional, could use any other oil you have on hand)
Process again to thoroughly mix.
Press into pan (any baking pan will do)
Freeze until hard.
Unmold and slice into 1.5"x1.5" pieces.
Store in fridge to prevent softening.

That's it. Easy and delicious. 4 year old approved!

Blessings and Love.


Connie said...

Evening Queen B!

Your sunflower seed bars look yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

Love the picture, might that really be your house? If so, you are a lucky girl!

Hope your day was Rawsome!

Valerie Winters said...

What a big tease you are. Leaving us all in suspense. I’m dying of curiosity!

Queen B said...

Hi ladies-
Can't tell ya the big news yet BUT it does have something to do with the pretty house in the pictures... Sorry to be a tease (even though it is kinda fun!) LOL! Love, Love, Love!

Connie said...

"Sorry to be a tease"

LoL! I do not think you are sorry at all, in fact, I think you are rather enjoying our anticipation! haha! Have a rawsome week-end, I hope your wonderful secret is all you dreamed it to be! If it includes that fabulous house it is a lovely secret indeed!

Big Hugs!