Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Raw and Happy!

OK, darlings... Here is an update on my rawness... I am currently eating raw all day and then having a cooked dinner. I don't really know what "%" raw that makes me and frankly, I have given up on the whole "how raw are you?" question. My only answer is raw enough for right now. You see, after I came home from Jamaica, I realized how much stress I was causing myself by playing the whole "I need to be 100% raw or else I'm a failure" game. I'm not doing it anymore. Period. I feel like the stress that I was causing myself by obsessing about my level of rawness was doing more harm than good. Now, I just naturally tend to choose to drink smoothies, juices, teas, and water in the morning and then have some sort of raw veggie dish in the afternoon. My husband and son are "raw concious" vegetarians and I cook dinner for them nightly so I usually enjoy what I cook for them as my night time meal. I really try to avoid wheat, cooked sugar, and dairy like the plague because they make me feel terrible. I thought, for a while, about stopping this blog because I didn't know if I should refer to myself as "rawmama" if I wasn't eating 100% raw. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to stop this blog and that most raw fooders aren't 100% raw anyway. I am just going to keep doing my thing and documenting it here. I like to blog and I like my level of rawness right now. So I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

Hope you are all feeling fantastic and at peace with where you are on your journey right now. I think you are all fantastic- NO MATTER WHAT! Big love to you all and please be nice to yourselves. Okay?

Here is a picture of a particularly gorgeous papaya from our garden. Enjoy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Blessing of the Coconuts...

Lately, Felix has been "foraging" for coconuts... Before you all start having lovely visions of my darling Caribbean husband bushwhacking his way through the jungle and climbing up wicked tall coconut palms all Survivor-style you need to remember that we live in the "concrete jungle" of South Florida... There is no jungle here but there are plenty of coconut trees planted in the lawns of the suburban sprawl. So, for Felix, foraging now amounts to driving around local neighborhoods scoping for a prime bunch of nutties and when he finds a suitable score he knocks on the door of whoever's lawn they are growing in and asks Mr. or Ms. Homeowner, very nicely, if he can please have some. 9 out of 10 times the homeowners are overjoyed to let him have the coconuts because otherwise the nuts will likely just rot on the tree until said homeowner has to pay someone to come and "remove" them since they are so "dangerous" and have been known to fall off and dent the cars parked under them... So, due to the seemingly endless trunk loads of coconuts that have been arriving lately, we have been having one big, long, crazy, coconut party around here. Even the local neighborhood kids have figured out what we have going on and come around hoping to get a nice cool coco to drink. Most of the kids on our street are first generation American children of Bahamian immigrant parents so they are hip to the whole coconut deal and seem to especially love it when Felix whacks the top off the nuts with his very intimidating machete! I, on the other hand, close my eyes or look away when the serious chopping starts... Anyhow, I encourage all of you sub-tropical city dwellers out there to start your own coconut scavenging patrol! Note to beginners- start with short trees and wear a helmet!

Love and blessings to each and every being in the whole wide Universe and beyond!

Now I will conclude by letting y'all know what I am so happy and grateful for right about now...

I am so happy and grateful now that I am so easily able to quickly manifest into my reality:
-one of those fly new Lexus hybrids, green please...
-lovely, peaceful, and harmonious relationships
-an abundant stream of cash flowing into my bank account
-the where-with-all to pay off the mortgage on our house here in Florida

and most importantly-
-a wonderful and enjoyable exit from this lifetime for Grandpa Fred... Bless him.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I have a "gut" feeling...

I have been really under the weather lately... My whole lower abdomen has been in torment for about a week with this weird roving pain. I thought maybe it was a UTI, or IBS, or parasites, or... I have even considered going to the hospital quite a few times which says alot since we all know how I feel about the "medical establishment"... Anyhow, the last two days I have been eating more raw food, giving myself Reiki, and guess what? I know, I don't even have to tell ya... The pain is going away. I am anticipating that it will not occur at all today since I woke up feeling so much better than usual this morning. I am back in action and that is all that really matters now isn't it!

I have a recipe for you today! We have enjoyed it at least 4 times this week so I think that fact makes it a winner in my book! Only the best tried and true yumminess for you, my friends!


2 tbsp. raw tahini
1.5" cube of peeled ginger
4-6 medjool dates
2 tbsp. raw honey
pinch of sea salt
1 cup purified water

-blend for an eternity until reallllly smooth.
-then add in about 20-30 ice cubes and blend again.
-pour into a fancy glass and enjoy!

ps- the fancy glass makes it taste better, FYI...