Monday, June 4, 2007

It's raining, It's pouring...

Ah, it is finally raining here in Florida. We need it so bad. Everyone was getting really upset about only being able to wash the car once per week... I'm just happy for our vegatable garden. The tomatoes are looking a little raggedy.

I have been feeling really great. We are almost done remodeling our house and I found a great new local supplier for all of my soapmaking and toiletry making raw materials. Shea butter here I come. Shipping costs, a thing of the past. We have had huge luck growing lemon verbena this year so I'm going to make a special soap with it. It smells like fresh, baby.

I have been eating really simple food today. Mostly watermelon. We get it from an old guy who drives around our neighborhood incessantly honking in an old, old truck filled to the brim with the BEST watermelon in the whole world. Now whenever I hear him honking my mouth starts to water. Pavlov's dog, I am...

(This picture is of a salad I wish I had time to make for myself today. The salad that wasn't, but maybe will be tomorrow. Ahhh, well..)


Valerie Winters said...

Watermelon trucks are so much better then ice cream trucks. (Smile)

Queen B said...

I love the watermelon truck!!!
It is my favorite!
Peace and thanks for caring.