Monday, June 4, 2007

Feeling So Fine!

Being raw (this time around) feels so different and so great. I am not having any cravings and am even able to cook for my family (vegetarian food) without freaking out and having to tell myself the whole time "you will not eat that food". My energy has gone thru the roof and I have been busy and productive all day. No depression whatsoever and definitely no fatigue. I went to the beach this morning with my husband Felix and Lincoln, my 4 y.o. son. We had a blast. Then when I came home me and Linc got ready, ate some cherries(delicious), and proceeded to do about 3 hours worth of errands/running around. Before becoming a raw foodist, even as a vegan, I suffered from severe fatigue and depression which nothing short of medication was able to even put a dent in. I think the green smoothies are also making a huge difference this time too. In my past attempts to stay/be raw, I always felt like it was a struggle, now I feel like it is such a blessing. Before, I would get all freaked out because I thought I was eating too much fat, not losing weight fast enough, eating too many carbs, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah... and then I would restrict myself to some ridiculously stringent "raw diet" purely with the intention of losing a ridiculous amount of weight in record time. Simply unrealistic... I have over 100 lbs. to lose, more like 150 lbs. It's gonna take a little while, even on raw food. This time I just decided to chill out and eat whatever I want as long as it is raw. And ya know what, my body knows what it wants to eat. That, for me, is one of the biggest differences between cooked and raw. When I am eating cooked food my emotions dictate what I will eat. And my emotions are not kind to my body... On a raw vegan diet my emotions are actually stable enough to let my body put in its requests for self healing and nourishment. Astounding to me and such a blessing. I have spent so long being angry at and loathing my body for what I saw as it's imperfections and now I feel like such an ass because my body is actually so wonderful. It does everything for me even when I try to poison it and chronically mistreat it. I guess it was my opinion of myself that was imperfect and loathsome.


Valerie Winters said...

Lincoln is so adorable. And so are you. And you are right; your body is wonderful and amazing and will respond so much better to love then loathing. I’m enjoying your blog. Keep writing.

Queen B said...

Awww, thanks Val. Back to you but more of it... xxoo

nicole said...

wow, just reading you blog and boy can i relate. I am going raw again but haven't started the challange yet. My dh & kids love raw.
I am so glad to read what you said about your emotions and eating while your raw, that is my goal.

nicole said...
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