Monday, June 18, 2007

Must be in the stars...

Man, oh man, it seems like today was a day for serious conversations... Mine came out ok in the end, but was definately highly-charged emotionally. Glad to let it all out though. I feel fresher and cleaner in a way. Like I can really move forward now. Bless the whole experience. And bless my wonderful Mother. She is truly the best. I must have had some good karma to get her for a Mom.

And to the other darling friends of mine who had a not-so-pretty serious conversation of their own, I send you massive love and healing vibes. Peace be with you.

I ate nothing cooked today and am very pleased with myself. Even with all of my emotional turmoil, I was still able to resist a few serious cravings. And I did not overeat as a way to cope with the stress. This is a tremendous accomplishment for me. And it wasn't even that difficult.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunell.

This picture is in honor of our garden, lovingly tended by Felix. Love, Love, Love...


Connie said...

Good Morning Queen B!
I am working my way through your blog and really, really like it. I enjoy your writing style and your beautiful pictures. I can relate to your experiences as a raw newbie. I am still struggling with the weight loss issues, but know that raw veganism is the place I will finally solve that problem. Sometmes it is not the top priority of our bodies, and that can be disheartening, but I believe it will come with time.

You are so right about needing a support system. I do not live in an area where that is available, but have made some wonderful friends who have helped me along this path, on the internet. If you are not involved with a group somewhere, you might want to check out the great people over at the Raw Priestess board, RF Living. It is a small friendly board with lovely, supportive people. The Priestess has lost lots of weight and looks like a different person. Be sure to check out her before and after pictures.

I will continue reading and commenting on your blog, we need to support each other.

Best Wishes!

Queen B said...

Hi Connie-
I love your blog too!
Especially the part about the "cornivores".
My dh is a cornivore too!
I love RP! She is fully cool... I have lurked on her board a few times and need to start posting.
Thanks for the love!
I'll be reading your blog.

ps.Where in Florida are you? I'm by Ft. Lauderdale.