Friday, June 8, 2007


To be free of, to renounce actually, all of my non-serving beliefs and behaviors is quite a project. Especially when I'm not even sure why I'm doing it. Of course there is always the cover of "to lose weight". As in, "I've become a raw vegan to lose weight." Not even true, I now realize. I became, or am becoming, a raw vegan because it feels right to me somehow. Freeing, or something. Strengthening. Of course, I thought when I started this whole thing that it was to lose weight. To lose weight in the fastest, most aggressive way possible, and maybe to feel healthier as a beneficial side effect. But now I just have this inner knowing that this way of life somehow resonates with something inside of me and makes me feel more like myself, but better. To simply say that I feel healthier when I eat exclusively raw vegan food is such an understatement that it almost makes me laugh. I don't feel better, I feel like a super hero! I don't even care that my diet/lifestyle often makes me the odd man out, everyone thinks I'm crazy, and my friends call me a puritan. I feel fantastic!


Carmella said...

Hello there queenb,

I saw that you joined Raw Freedom Community today which, in turn, led me to your site.

Boy, am I glad to have found your blog! Your writing style is so poetic and so genuine... Gives me the goose-bumps! ;-) I feel like I'm peeking through a window, observing your every step on the path to health, and ultimately to freedom.

Thank you for sharing so freely and openly about yourself!

In radiance and health,

Queen B said...

Thanks very much Carmella!
I love your blog too...
Your food looks so great!
Love to you.
Looking forward to the Raw Freedom Community.