Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dream a little dream...

This will probably be the last post I make here for a few days because we are finally leaving tomorrow morning for CT. Yippee! I am so excited about what the future holds for us there. You see, my Mom's house is on this piece of really nice riverfront commercial property. My husband has his workshop there, it used to be our horse barn... and my Mom has all of these gorgeous gardens that she has been creating and cultivating for 20 years. They are stunning. Most of the pictures on my blog are of her gardens/property. We also have a 2 great little sheds/carriage houses that used to house some more of the past animal menagerie. So now all the animals are gone on to nice new homes and we have room for a new endeavor... So, I am creating a CENTER FOR HOLISTIC LIVING!!! Including classes and workshops (nutritional healing, superfoods, classes in vegan/raw vegan food preparation, Reiki classes/sessions, organic gardening, Feng Shui, elemental design, trash to treasure, composting, beekeeping, edible landscaping, making your own organic personal care products, art classes for kids and adults, Kombucha tea classes, massage therapy, etc.) Adjacent to the workshop area is a boutique area where I can sell all of my beauty products, informational booklets and books, food products, etc. We are also going to rent out and cater for events up to 100 people, specializing in weddings for non-traditional couples, you know spiritual non-religious kind of folks. There is a field of native wildflowers that we will be harvesting and selling as cut flowers along with all the organic herbs and veggies that we grow. One of the small buildings near the road will be the farm stand area. I also have ideas about creating a tea room/juice bar in the near future. And we will also be hosting weekly community Reiki healing circles, guided meditations, and RAW FOOD POTLUCKS!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I feel like my life is finally taking off and moving on to the next level. And the best thing is that all the stuff we need to start this whole project is already right there! It is great and I feel so blessed.


shell said...

wow, what an amazing project you are embarking on! Wishing you all the very best!!...i look forward to your future updates!
love + light
shell x

Connie said...

Queen B,
What exciting, wonder~full, wonder~filled plans you are sharing! To be given such a fabulous dream and to take the first steps to its fruition, is indeed a gift beyond measure.

I am sending you warm wishes, rich blessings, and tons of positivity to help make your dreams come true.

I wish I lived near Connecticut! But who knows, there are planes, trains and automobiles, maybe we will meet one day at your new center! Keep us posted on your progress.


Queen B said...

Aww thanks ladies!
I am totally loving my new space in the new place!
Having a great time in the flow of creation...
Love and peace.