Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gorgeous in green...

My darling son, Lincoln, 4 years old, doesn't especially like vegetables. This baffles me, as Felix and I both love them, and I made all of Linc's baby food from scratch and always included a wide variety of veggies. He loved his veggie baby food. Since then, however, it has been all down hill, especially in the land of leafy greens. Until, you guessed it, green smoothies. They have recently experienced a Renaissance in our house. And Lincoln has jumped right on the bandwagon! Thank God/dess! I made an especially great one today, even sans bananas. It was a great combo of mango (of course), nectarines, and baby spinach. I added a little bit of honey and Lincoln LOVED it. Drank a big glass and begged for more. Hallelujah! Now let us all pray this sudden burst of green enthusiasm lasts.


Anonymous said...

Cute baby! Keep on chugging those green smoothies!

Queen B said...

We pray, with all of our hearts, that he will...LOL

Valerie Winters said...

Mango, peaches, and spinach. Most excellent combination. Love the photo too!

Queen B said...

Hi Val-
Thought you might like the combo as we know you are a mango lady!

shell said...

wow, that's inspiring. I wish my 4 yr old would drink green've just inspired me to try again!

Queen B said...

Hi shell-
I just kept trying, and trying, and trying...
He finally gave in.
Now he drinks them almost every day.
He really favors the ones made with spinich the best.
I also make them pretty sweet.
Hope you have some luck with your little green man!