Thursday, August 30, 2007

Motherload of Mangoes!

So this afternoon Linc and I went to our favorite store, the Raj Cash and Carry Indian Grocery Store. Every Wednesday afternoon they get in cases and cases of wickedly delicious mangoes. They are so sweet I can barely eat them. Felix can sit down and eat 8-10 in one sitting. He eats more fruit than anyone I have ever known. It has been his biggest food group his whole life. Of course, growing up in tropical paradise on "Fantasy Island" kind of lends itself to that sort of thing, now doesn't it? Definitely better than the Lean Cuisines, drive thru dinners, and popcorn with Parmesan cheese that I grew up on...

I got a pound of raw cacao powder in the mail today... And a pound of maca should be here tomorrow. That should be fun...

More tomorrow. It's past me bed time.


Connie said...

I wish I could eat 8-10 mangoes in one sitting! I am working on it.

Enjoy your week-end!

Queen B said...

Good luck Connie!
The most I have ever mangaged was 4 and that was really pushing it!
Love to you and your banana island family!