Sunday, September 2, 2007


I have big raw love for chia seeds! I made a glorious pudding from chia seeds and almond milk with honey and OH WOW! It was so good... Like a tapioca memory. Awww. By the way, these pictures are NOT of chia pudding! It isn't really all that attractive, unfortunately. Tastes outstanding though! These pictures are of a broccoli mash and miso gravy plate (from Ani Phyo's cookbook) and a pate' platter (from my own mind). They were both delicious.

I have committed to 30 days 100% raw. I am feeling great about it and have decided to continue with my diva diet principles. I am eating gorgeous, luxurious foods and lots of superfoods. I have noticed that when I eat lots of maca, green powder, algae, hemp seeds, etc., it is much easier for me to stay raw. I guess that eating all of the concentrated nutrition is what my body really wants. It doesn't want more calories, just more nutrients. I remember reading something about how most obese people are actually very malnourished and that is why they have such huge appetites. It is because they are literally starving to death so their bodies tell them "eat! eat! you are starving!" I think that I read that in the China Study. Excellent book by the way. I highly recommend it.

I am going to start some more batches of Kombucha going again today as well as some sprouts. I'm also going to work on my website, finally. And later, if I still have more energy, I will make some bread and veggie burgers to put in the dehydrator. And also some flax crackers, especially since Auntie Yvonne had such a love for them.

Oh, Lincoln got his first bee stings today. He got over the whole ordeal really quickly though and I am very proud of him. Bless him, my little prince, with the bee stings on his arm...

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Anonymous said...

As always, your food looks delicious! I can't remember when I had tomatoes as red and juicy looking as those!

Big Hugs!