Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You are what you eat...

So this past few days with all of the serious demolition work and the full moon and all I have consumed some let's-just-say not optimal foods, due mainly to stress eating. I found them to be not so comforting. I got a major headache, twice and have been angry and irritable. I ate pizza and did not like it. That was a major breakthrough. I have basically come to the point where cheese, although it sounds good to me, just tastes gross. I love to eat fruit the best now. Especially sweet, juicy Bartlett pears. They have been so delicious this year. I did some EFT this morning and it brought up some major stuff... It was a tumultuous day to say the least. I am all raw today, though, and that always makes things feel better.


Raw Vegan Family said...

Doug Graham says speed is not as important as direction. Keep heading in the right direction, and you will eventually end up where you want to be. Thanks again for your honesty and sharing.

Big Hugs!

Queen B said...

Thanks for the support Connie! I'm heading in the right direction at least... Love to you!