Friday, September 21, 2007

What a long, strange week it's been...

This last week has been very, very, active and productive in quite a few ways. As far as the construction on the wellness studio space goes, Felix has been working extremely diligently and with multiple large and extraordinarily loud power tools and soon we will have seven (yes 7!) big gorgeous windows where there were once just huge slabs of concrete! The grand finale will be tomorrow when the backhoe arrives to take the giant chunks of cement out of the walls... Lincoln will be beyond excited to wake up to some serious heavy machinery! I will be very happy when it is quiet again...

I have read Dr. Doug's 80/10/10 book and have been experimenting with his program/techniques. I love how I feel when I am doing the low fat, mono-mealing thing but have still been struggling with the emotional eating aspect of me... I have yet to EFT myself and must make some time for that soon, when it is quiet.

My Mom, who is the the world's best darling, and I were talking tonight and we decided that we, as a family, need a happy rambling van. So whenever any of us want to get away or take a little time out in nature/camp or what have you, we will be all set. Mom is interested in learning to kayak and so it would be great for her to get away for weekends, etc. It will be good for me to have as a get away car when things get too much for me and I am afraid my head will explode... We decided that it should have a really comfortable and roomy bed in the back and Linc just recently discovered a brand new, never used, boat sized Porto-potty abandoned in the old marine store that is in our side yard. The joys of living in a boat yard... So we are doing pretty well with this whole project already and now we will just start the van fund and wait for it to show up!

Love and blessings... XXOO

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