Sunday, August 5, 2007

OK so far...

OK, so yesterday was the first day of my new eating plan. It went pretty well. I did really well with the mono fruit meals during the day. I wasn't hungry and I felt satisfied and energetic. I wasn't obsessing about food at all. Then in the evening Felix asked me to make some Pilau' (a Caribbean rice and lentil dish that he taught me how to make and now I make it wayyyy better than him!) so I said fine and everything was cool. I cooked the rice, vegan by the way, and we went along to meet our friends at the beach with the steaming pot of Pilau' in tow. It was about 5 pm and I realized, only after we had gotten to the beach, that I didn't bring a salad for myself... I did bring a bunch of watermelon to share so I just ate some of that. Then I went for a longish swim in the FREEZING cold water and when I got out I was HUNGRY!!!! The watermelon was all gone so I caved in and ate some rice, and then some veggie chips, and finally some toast and tea later on when we got home. I am still OK with all that though because I know it all happened as a result of poor planning and not because of anything else. I already knew before all of this that once I start eating cooked food it immediately becomes a problem for me to stop. So that was not a big surprise and I was impressed with myself because I didn't eat much of any of the cooked items. No volume eating yesterday at all. So at least I am making some progress. I am already back on the watermelon this morning and loving it. Oh, and I forgot to tell you all yesterday that I am also incorporating some green powder in my drinking water as well. So here I am at 10 am on Sunday morning feeling fine and eating fruit and drinking green water. The world is good and I am feeling fine. Love to you all and Happy Sunday!


Connie said...

I laughed at your post because I was waylaid by a big pot of vegan spaghetti I made for my daughter yesterday. I was just going to take a taste to be sure the seasonings were correct, well, you know the rest of the story! This morning I had gained 3 pounds! But, like you, I learned and will move on, no beating myself up, just gentleness, respect,and understanding of the process unfolding. Back on track this morning with my morning cantaloupe. :-)

Have a blessed day!

Heather said...

same here ladies...LOL. out with friends yesterday and didn't feel like being the only 'difficult one' in the group, so went along with everyone else for pizza. had a vegan slice but definitely far from raw...managed to feel okay about it and finished the day off with a salad and some flax crackers...all is well!
heather :)

Queen B said...

Well at least we are all back on track, right?
Love to you both!