Thursday, July 5, 2007

You know you are a raw fooder when...

You find yourself sitting in your car eating your lunch of calymyrna figs and HOT & SPICY raw Kim-Chi washing it down with Ginger Kombucha tea loving every minute of it...

What restaurant could you get that combo in, seriously?

I loved my lunch today!


Carmella said...

Ohhhhhhh! That Ginger Kombucha sounds so yummy! Me too want some! lol

I only just got into making KT. Don and I are enjoying our very first batch right now!

How do you flavor it? Do you add the ginger just before you drink it?

Queen B said...

Hi gorgeous!
I love your sunnyrawkitchen blog and am just now visiting your new forum! Way to go!
About the KT- I make my own that tastes very vinegar-y plain but then I add some fresh ginger (or any other) juice to it to make it taste better/more interesting. I usually add the juice to each glass but have added it to the whole batch at once as well. I doesn't seem to matter much either way... It is such powerful stuff! However, the Kombucha I was drinking in the car was from the Health Food Store, Synergy brand I believe.
Good luck and enjoy...

Carmella said...

Hey queen b!
Thanks for the tip. Will experiment with different juices for sure. Have just started my next batch - Woo-Hoo! That stuff really grows on ya!
Have a fab day!
PS I CAN'T wait to connect with you on the forum, raw sista! ;-)