Friday, July 20, 2007

Red tape...

I spent most of today working out the kinks in my massage therapist licenses in 2 states as well as getting a handle on my national certification... I am not one who loves paperwork and I don't have the most respect for state and regulatory agencies simply because I don't think they are usually at all effective in regulating whatever it is that they set out to regulate and they cost me hundreds of dollars each year and make me fill out so many stupid forms... How does filling out a form and paying $300 each year keep the great state of Florida free from hookers masquerading as masseuses? It doesn't. Besides, I don't think many hookers would bother going to school for at least 600 hours and filling out aforementioned forms and papers and don't forget paying the big bucks! There are NO massage police people! I don't even know why I bother to play their red tape game except that I need to to get insurance (I know, don't even get me started). Anyhow, I feel better now. Thanks for listening to me rant.

So because of my day of red-taping I didn't finish "operation kitchen clean up".
Maybe if I had made my Goddess altar BEFORE I attempted all this I would have had better luck... When will I learn?

The stuff in the dehydrator was disappointing, to me at least, Felix and my Mom loved the sesame bread, though. The chocolate cookies were good but didn't get crunchy. The flax crackers are plain and slightly boring but I wanted them like that so I could make tomato sandwiches with miso mayo on them. Yum.

I'll be back to my positive self tomorrow, promise.
Love to you all and remember to keep your paperwork straight.


shell said...

cool, you're playing with your colour scheme too! I have paperwork issues too, i have affirmations like 'i get my paperwork done with efficiency and ease' stuck all over my office!!
love xoxox

Queen B said...

I am so going to make affirmation stickies for my office too! Thanks for the great idea!
I loved your sons snail pictures. They have a really cool perspective. Of course, I love your pics too!
Love and blessings...

Connie said...

Love the green, and of course all the pretty pictures. :-) Good luck, I hate paperwork!