Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back in Action!

So Lincoln has recovered... He woke up this morning all happy and healthy and energetic and I was so relieved! Thanks you so much for all of your healing love vibes... Very effective, they were.
I am overhauling and raw-ifying the kitchen today- ONCE AND FOR ALL! I have been putting it off because when the kitchen in the healing center is done I will be bringing most of the raw food appliances, etc. down there... Which will effectively mean that I have to do the kitchen overhaul twice, but whatever... It needs to be done. Every time I open the cabinet doors I see all sorts of "cook me!" food items and then I self sabotage so they are out of here! So hopefully I will have some new pictures of my resurrected, and now raw, kitchen for you all tomorrow. Besides I need a place to set up my Gayatri alter and the kitchen is always my preferred place. I don't know why, but this just seems to be the way I like it! Plus I think I am going to create some sort of Superfoods area to remind me to eat them and to energetically charge them with some crystal vibes. I have a feeling they will appreciate that!
Love to you all til tomorrow!
PS- it is so humid here that the stuff in the dehydrator is STILL not done... Hopefully, I will have a review of all that for you tomorrow.

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Connie said...

He certainly looks like he is feeling chipper! They bounce back quickly, don't they?

Big Hugs!