Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flax to the MAX!

I made some wicked-good flax seed crackers yesterday! WoW! I think I might have written down the recipe...
Felix is getting ready to rip down the ceiling in the main studio space and I admit it is freaking me out just a wee bit...
So many beautiful opportunities abounding and so much love swirling all around me! It is good to be alive. I love raw food and just about everything else, too.
I have been pretty much all raw, except for a couple of "carbohydrate accidents"... My new mantra is "Bread is not my friend"
I have lost another 5 lbs. bringing my grand total to 30 lbs. gone! I'm picking up momentum now! Watch me go! Look at me shrink!


StarFire said...

Just had to drop in and check to see how you're doing! It's all so exciting I keep checking for pics. My request is that you take some b4 pics of how stuff looked b4 and during demolition stage and again when it's all done!

I am soo happy for you Sweetie!
Rawk on queenB mama!!

Queen B said...

Hey Starfire!
I'm taking pics and taking more pics... Just gotta put em in the computer and fix the website and spiff up the blog and blah blah blah! You get it... Don't worry I'm thinking of you and your needs... Love Love Love!