Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Purple day, today...

My little prince is feeling a little under the weather... Strange thing for him to do. He doesn't usually feel ill. I'm sure he will be well soon, but some love vibes from the Universe (and you, too, of course!) sure would help!
I went outside to take some pictures because it has been sort of misty/hazy today and I thought it would be a good effect for the photographs. So I noticed as I was loading the pictures into the computer, practically everything I took a picture of was purple! Amethysts, hydrangea (not even usually purple, BTW), and hosta blooms...
So here are some pictures of my purple friends!
I have some chocolate cookies, flax crackers, and sesame crackers in the dehydrator... More on that tomorrow!


shell said...

Loving your blog too! Thanks for sharing....sending Felix some love vibes...hope he feels better soon, love+smiles :) xxx <3

Anonymous said...

Lots of healing energy to the little one. Your blog is always so pretty. I look forward to each new post. One day I will learn how to do the pictures and I will give you and RawketScience a run for your money. You both have such beautiful blogs.

Aasyah Badr said...

I am feeling the vibe of your blog, loving the flowers and the tranquility of your selection of photos. :-)

Looking forward to reading more of your raw journey.


Queen B said...

Thanks for all the love, darlings!
Guess what-
The little prince is all better!
He woke up just fine this morning!
Love that vibrational healing!
You ladies are just great!
Many thanks and lots of love.