Friday, October 26, 2007

Tomorrow is another day...

I wasn't hungry yesterday, but I think I made up for it today... Geez.

Today I ingested:
2/3 bottle of Kombucha
a not so great mango
deeeelicious creamy green pepper soup...
juice of 2 heavenly tangerines
4 handfuls of popcorn... I don't know why.
vanilla tea with honey
raw applesauce (delicious, but I made it too sweet...)
maple vanilla tea with honey
broccoli and tomatoes with lemon and olive oil
a few bites of baked rice pasta casserole (slippery slope is right... whoa Nelly!)
banana almond smoothie

I have been coughing like crazy but I don't feel really feel sick . Maybe it is another strange detox symptom to add to my list. I'm sort of downish today though so I'm going to have another cup of tea and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are navigating those slippery slopes pretty well, instead of being caught in a mud slide! lol! Christopher has had a cough too, but no other symptoms. I think he is just breathing in a lot of our autumn pollen, and it is a sign that his body knows very well how to expel it. Keeping it positive!

Happy Days Queen!

Queen B said...

Love Love Love to you Connie!
I'm with you and Christopher on the pollen theory.
Big blessings coming your way!