Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cooked food insanity...

Unfortunately, today I ate:
cacao/almond/maca shake
dehydrated veggies snack
kimchee and raw goat cheese wrapped in cabbage leaves (I don't think I really like raw goat cheese...)
1 tsp. almond butter
and then...
I ate a bunch of cooked vegan food...
but, I didn't eat any birthday cake at my grandmothers birthday party.
Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you with all of our hearts!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I will be going grocery shopping. I must make sure that I don't run out of delicious raw foods to eat as when I am hungry I seem to have very little will power...

1 comment:

Raw Vegan Family said...

Stop the Cooked Food Insanity! lol! One bite is all it takes and I am on a binge! Enough already!
But remember,
You do enough,
You have enough,
You are enough!
And, where we are, right now, is where we need to be!

Oh, and my favorite, just eat a banana, you'll feel better! hahaha!

Big Loves!