Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moving on...

Today I ingested:
cacao/almond mylkshake
a small blob of almond butter
more cacao/almond mylkshake (big surprise, I know...)
curried veggie soup w/ 2 slices sprouted grain bread and coconut oil
cooked vegan dinner
goat cheese on sprouted grain bread...

I really must go grocery shopping. I burned myself pretty badly on my hand cooking dinner... Maybe I should take the hint and leave the cooked food alone, for the love of God/dess. Once I eat one bite of it I seem to lose all control of myself. When I am eating raw food it isn't like that at all. It truly is amazing. I am doing well regardless of my cooked food trasgressions and have decided to just move on. I will be putting more effort into making raw food rather than cooked food in the future. This will help me.

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