Monday, October 29, 2007

On the road again?

So I didn't go grocery shopping like I planned but I have been raw all day and I feel good about that.

Today I ate/drank:
mango/banana/kale green smoothie
vitamin c water
very small salad with miso-lime dressing (the dressing was nasty, too bitter)
6 dates 3 Tbsp. almond butter
cacao almond maca mylkshake (this is medicine, I swear)

I have been noticing how superfoods, especially maca and cacao, taste divinely delicious to me lately. I used to only eat them because they made me feel so much better and helped to lift my depression but now I LOVE the flavor of them. I'm starting to think I could live on cacao almond mylkshakes and shots of wheatgrass juice... I won't try it, I promise... But I could, I know it.

I miss Florida. It is getting really cold here in Connecticut and the gray skies are depressing. I miss living in my own house with all of it's feng shui-ness, unique paint colors and most of all I miss the beautiful beach. I could really use some sunshine and blue water swimming. I know that I shouldn't whine considering how blessed I am and how bright my future is. It's just that the construction downstairs is going really, really slowly and poor Felix, tropical man that he is, has snow paranoia and also has about had it with all of us living in my Mom's house, even though she is a living doll. Mom did say we could go back to Florida for the winter and then come back here and finish the project in the spring. I am sort of resistant to that plan because, frankly, I just want the blessed thing done. I am ready to get the center up and running and lets just face it, patience is not usually one of my virtues... We will see what happens. I do love the winter citrus in Florida and one could easily spend a small fortune on produce in CT in the wintertime and still practically starve because the quality is not so great... It's just that all this back and forth wishy-washiness makes me feel like such a d-RAW-ma queen...

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Raw Vegan Family said...

If it is any consolation, it is cold, damp, and ugly in Florida today. It has been days since we have seen the sun, and right now, at the end of October, they are talking about a freakin' hurricane! Not that I don't love it here, "cuz I do, but right now, you are not missing much! Just trying to cheer you up! lol! :)

Big Sunny Hugs!