Thursday, January 3, 2008

Releasing this extra weight in 2008!

Over the past week or so I have been doing some serious soul searching and re-evaluating of my priorities and life path. I have come to realize that my constant concern over being so overweight (morbidly obese, actually) has been taking up so much of my energy for over 20 years now. Worrying about how fat I am has been a part of me for as long as I can really remember. It is time for me to let both the extra weight and my concern about it go. I choose to feel free, light, vibrant, and well. This is the year for me to accomplish this goal. So from here on out I will be posting my weight and a current picture of me at the beginning of each month. I feel that this exercise will make it clear to me how much progress I am making and hopefully help to keep me from backsliding as I have done so often in the past. And maybe, just maybe, this journal of my progress will help to inspire another being who is walking their own similar path.

May this new year bring you all joy, light, and the most beautiful of blessings!

OK- Here goes!
Starting weight: January 3, 2007- 286 lbs.
Here are two pictures of me at about 285 lbs. One was taken this summer and the one with Linc was taken in November 2007.


Connie said...

Queen B, you are a beautiful raw mama who deserves to have all your dreams and wishes in 2008!

I will be here sending love and support and cheering you on!

Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

i'm cheering you on too! Just wanted to let you know how much i have been enjoying your blog...shine on beautiful rawmama!
Shell x

Queen B said...

Thanks for the lurve dahlings!xxxooo!!!

Anonymous said...


Good luck, you can do it. I am on the same path and I'll be checking in on you and cheering you on. I have about 50lbs to lose and I started the Raw Food Detox Diet last year. I lost 20 lbs in the first 2 1/2 months but I got step throat and instead of resuming the diet I went back to my old ways and gained the weight right back. I am starting again this week.

Best of Luck,

Queen B said...

Thanks for the big up Culturalguru! Good luck on your raw restart! You are going to do great! Love to you!