Friday, December 28, 2007

Doing great!

I'm doing great with the low fat raw thang... I have lost 3 lbs. overnight and will be excited to see how many more are gone by tomorrow morning. I am not going to document my food intake like I said I was though. It just gets too obsessive compulsive for me and besides I am always losing my little piece of paper that has what I ate for the day written down on it...

I made a great smoothie yesterday and thought I would share it with you!

Cherry Papaya Paradise Smoothie:
1 small papaya (ours was from one of the papaya trees in our backyard... awww...)
1 10 oz. bag frozen cherries
1 peeled lime
1 banana

Blend forever and enjoy with your eyes closed imagining you are in tropical paradise!
Makes a little over 1 quart and I drank the whole thing myself...


Anonymous said...

I want a papaya tree in my back yard! lol! Good to see you so happy and successful!

Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Even though I weigh in at quite a bit less and on the most part would only be considered an itty bit overweight, it sounds like we have totally similar mental struggles about what we eat and how raw feels best, but have a challenge sticking with it, etc. I am happy for your new commitment and wish you so many blessings on your journey.
I just wanted to recommend two books that have helped me a lot. The first one is the Four Agreements. This book is life changing in the way that we think about things. For both of us we have a judge in our head and a victim child in our head that have conversations. For example
J: You really shouldn't be eating that huge handful of almonds. It won't make you lose weight quickly, you know you need to stick with the low fat raw diet to lose weight.
VC: But come on, it is only one small handful. It is so unfair that raw foodist can eat as many nuts as they want and they are so skinny! why can't that happen for me?
So, now the love warrior steps in and puts these voices to a stop..
LW: I know judge that you are only trying to protect me from being fat because I have struggled with it all my life, but I know more about nutrition now and I don't need you to warn me about these things any longer. Thank you for trying to protect me, but I am really o.k. I know how to make smart decisions about food, so I am letting you go. I don't need you any longer.
So, anyhow, the four agreements can help you learn to shed these unhelpful parasites in your mind, so that you can live free in love.
Also, I just started life force energy by Natalia Rose and I have to say that it is really helping see the balance between raw and cooked foods. Of course, she says that the high raw foods will keep you vibrating at the highest level, but she gives some interesting information about cooked foods as well. She also has a 21 day plan laid out to help you access life force energy from your food. I love everything I have read in it so far and have learned a lot, I can't wait to finsih it. YOu may like it too! Good luck.

Queen B said...

Thanks for all the love, support and kindness. It makes such a big difference on this journey... Peace and blessings!