Saturday, December 1, 2007


So our neighbors have had on Jesus music since 8am., blasting loud in their backyard and they are all in the house. Maybe they are playing it to scare off the unruly local pagans, heathens, and sinners? Then about an hour ago they lit their BBQ grill and used, it seems, about a gallon of lighter fluid to get the charcoal going. So between the loud music (all about sin and repentance) and the noxious fumes from the grill, my house isn't smelling so nice... And then just a few minutes ago, they put PORK on the grill... So now we have hellfire and brimstone, nasty carcinogens wafting through the air, and the completely unholy, god-awful smell of burning pig flesh... And all of this on a gorgeous Saturday perfect for having the windows open. (BTW, we are the only ones around that I can see that actually have the windows open.) But it seems that we are now in a ventilation unfriendly, AC mandatory, be scared about going to hell in a hand basket, and eat the roasted remains of a being that lived it's entire life in misery and slavery kinda place right now... Makes a nature girl like meself wonder what the hell I am doing here? (Besides drinking my raw carrot-cilantro wonder soup...)

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