Monday, January 14, 2008

What a revelation!

I just have to tell you all that after writing my last post, I felt immediately better. I felt like by writing down all of my emotions and being truthful to myself and everyone else out there it freed me of the bad feelings that I was writing about. Like they left my body and went into my computer and onto my blog and then were gone from me. Wow! What a relief. And then when I read the beautiful comments that the post/I received I felt even better. I have always been afraid to express my negative emotions because I thought that it would make people uncomfortable and then they wouldn't like me. Much to my delight, that doesn't seem to be true at all! This has been a very poignant few days for me I must say... This must be what therapists are talking about when they go on and on about "releasing your emotions." I was always afraid that if I started letting all my negative feelings out they would never stop coming and it would literally kill me. I think that I am starting to understand that the opposite is what is actually true.

I am focusing on raw food. Period. I know that it is what works for me and I am not going to worry anymore if I am doing it right or not. If it's raw, it's fine with me.

Love and my deepest gratitude to you all...


Anonymous said...

Queen B, I read your post every day and it broke my heart to think of you in such pain, but I could not think of what to write! I just did ho'pono pono every day for you, "I love you, I'm sorry, I love you, I'm sorry...." until I felt better, but I still could not find the right words. I am so glad there are lovely, loving people on the web who had exactly the right words to touch your heart and make you feel better. Please do not be afraid to reach out and share. You are beautiful, you are valuable, and you are loved!! And you need to come to Jacksonville, as soon as it warms up a little!

Big, Big Love and Hugs!

Queen B said...

Awww Connie... Thanks for all the love! It really really helped! BTW thanks for introducing me to ho'ponopono. What a beautiful practice it is. I'm feeling much better and I think that I am finally starting to figure this whole thing out... Finally. Love to you and your whole crew. It will be great to come to Jacksonville to meet ya!