Thursday, May 15, 2008

Juice Feasting Day 10

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling really low energy and depressed. It got worse throughout the day and finally by last night I felt just awful. I also had really bad heartburn and all the food that I prepared for my family looked really appetizing. I never really thought about quitting this feast but I did want to eat something. I hadn't taken my oils or msm or bee pollen in a couple of days and was wondering if that could have has something to do with it. However, I think the real culprit was the "fresh squeezed" OJ and grapefruit juice that I had bought at a local citrus outlet. I asked the lady who was selling it if it was pasteurized and she told me no very adamantly so I believed her. I think she was wrong. I also put some honey into a few cups of hot tea and realized after that I was probably cooking the honey. I will not do that again. The moral of this juice feasters story is-
Juice it yourself because cooked sugars do not do a body good.

Here is a picture of the frangipani that is blooming so nicely in our backyard... Too bad you cannot smell it through your screen. It is just heavenly I tell ya!

A love and light big up to all of you darling beings! Peace xxoo


Connie said...

Your yard must be beautiful! I wish I could smell it too.

:) Connie

Penni said...

Sending good juice feasting vibes your direction. I always feel better if I get at less a TBSP of oil everyday. That flower is amazing.


Queen B said...

Hi Connie! Our yard is beautiful in patches... The rest is "under construction"... Felix is a builder/project kind of guy, you see... Plus he gets gifted plants all the time from his Caribbean friends. They do that, share plants, all the time. I think it is cute. Not as cute as you, though... :)

Thanks for the good vibes and great advice Penni! I get such great inspiration from your blog. I read it every day. You are doing so fantastic! Keep it up girlfriend!