Monday, May 19, 2008

I feel weird...

Still Juice Feasting. Had a temporary detour yesterday when I thought I should have a green smoothie since I was actually salivating over the pulp left in the juicer... Bad idea since one not juice thing sort of led to another... No big deal really. I'm right back at it. Watermelon juice so far today. I am feeling very unsettled, flighty, and yet really tired. It is just really strong detoxification going on and I realize that but it still feels sort of yucky. And I am even more sensitive than usual which is always extra special. I keep seeing these brilliant flashes of light, red and white. I am being led to/finding the most interesting things in my everyday life. Plus I, who am not pregnant, feel sort of like I am in childbirthing labor... I just keep reassuring myself that it is all worth it and I am really blessing myself by undergoing this process. Ummm, ok.

Here are some more garden pictures.
Hope you are all doing great. Peace and blessings!


Azura Skye said...

ooh love your blog! It's so colourful, and tropical and the music is wonderful : )

I felt like dancing after reading it : )

take care

Queen B said...

Thanks for the love Azura Skye! I loved checking out your blog too! The place you live is gorgeous.
Sending blessings your way!

Connie said...

We so long for change but it can be such a bitch when it shows up, stretching us, taunting and teaching us, opening new perceptions and closing the doors on old ones, ones we were not necessarily wanting to release and yet are forced to and we wonder, what was it I was seeking after!? Surely not this!!!LOL!

May all your transitions be welcome lovely ones!

Big Loves!