Friday, March 21, 2008

New Experiment...

Last Sunday, at 9 pm. eastern time, TLC had a show on called "I can make you thin" so, naturally, I watched it. It was all about the techniques of this British dude named Paul McKenna who has helped all sorts of folks with their weight loss journeys. He has a 71% success rate so I figured that I would give his techniques an honest try. It is a five or six week program/show and all of the techniques build upon each other. Last Sunday's show was all about paying attention to what/when/how you eat. Paul has 4 golden rules that he asks us to follow-
1. eat when you are hungry
2. eat what you want, not what you think you should eat
3. eat consciously, slowly, and without distractions
4. when you are full, stop
Seems simple, right? Well, let me just tell ya, it is powerful. I now totally realize how dysfunctional my relationship with food is/was and how little food I actually need to eat to be full and satisfied. I have also realized that the foods I truly want to eat are nourishing and almost exclusively raw, which is a very good thing! However, because I am no longer actively participating in my all out food addiction, lots of previously buried painful feelings are coming to the surface and raising their incredibly unattractive little heads... It has been a tumultuous and often overwhelming experience but I am happy to report that I haven't overeaten even once this week and have been very happily high raw. I have also noticed that the longer I do this the healthier my food choices are becoming. I am looking forward to this weeks episode as it has to do with using EFT to deal with emotional overeating which I am a specialist at... (the emotional overeating not the EFT...) Also, Paul says to only weigh yourself one or twice per month, so I'm going to wait until the whole series of shows is over to see what my results are. In general, this approach to weight loss seems very freeing and most importantly very healing. I feel like I am actually getting to the bottom of my food related issues and for that I am very grateful.

Big love and support to you all and I hope you have a great day!

I'll leave you with my magic manifestation list of gratitude and love, love, love!

I am so happy and grateful now that I am so quickly and easily attracting into my life:
*a large and fantastically beautiful piece of tropical paradise in the Caribbean to care for, build our dream home on, and thrive upon
*a gorgeous new car
*the best relationship with Felix that I can possibly have which is filled with love, joy, comfort, and humor
*my most healthy and beautiful body/mind/spirit
*financial abundance complete with philanthropic ability
*at least 3 hours every day of quiet, peaceful, time alone...
*a healthy relationship with food and eating
*an increasing amount of presence in my life
*peace and satisfaction


Greenmama said...

Hugs to you, Mama! Glad to see you back. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, and your awesome experience in Jamaica.

:), Marjorie

Connie said...

What beautiful aspirations! I love your pictures and story about your trip. I want to go live there with you! We are already used to the bugs they probably have there; are there any other drawbacks? It just looks and sounds perfect!

I am so glad you are back, I have missed you! I am anxious to see your new eating style unfold in your life; keep us posted!

You are beautiful and appreciated!
Much Love!

Queen B said...

Hi Gorgeous Ladies!
I'm glad to be back! Although I do wish that I could pick up my whole life and transport it to Jamaica...

Connie- I didn't see ANY bugs in Jamaica that can compare to the Florida ones. Also, it seemed cooler in Jamaica than it does here in South Florida... I don't see any other drawbacks of living there except the absolutely TRECHEROUS driving situation... And homeschooling is the only educational option if you wnat your kids to get an academic education that is "equal" to the one they would get here unless you have loads to spend on private school. It is a "developing nation" so life is completely different than here but I like their way of doing things better... I can totally see you living there and learning all about their incredible "bush medicine" from some cool old Rasta! You would fit right in! I'm going to start a travel blog becuase we are going to start offering "Authentic Jamaica" vacations very soon! So keep an eye out. I'll post it on my blog as soon as I finish creating it!

Greenmama- Hugs to you too! FYI- It seems we may have a rat living in our "compost" pile... Oh, the inevitable effects of irresponsibility... I'm going to go and see if I can't try and turn it or something...

Love to you both and Happy Easter/Spring!