Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guess what? Today is Lincoln's Birthday!

Yup, you heard me right- today is my son Lincoln's birthday! Yesterday was my birthday and now today is Lincoln's birthday! We have been crazy busy celebrating around here, let me tell ya! Linc is all sorts of happy riding his new Razor scooter around the house and playing with his new soccer goal along with all the other stuff! Now I have to go and bake his birthday cake. I tried to talk him into having a raw cake but he wasn't having any of that... He did request banana ice cream instead of the regular stuff though! Yipee!

Wishing my little boy the happiest 5th birthday ever and as many smiles and laughs as he can stand! Oh, and lots of love and blessings to all of you out there too!


Connie said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! Happy Birth~day Queen B! What a wonderful gift for you each year; he is truly the gift that keeps on giving, I'm sure!

Big Birthday hugs to both of you!

Queen B said...

Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes Miss Connie! Looking forward to meeting you in person soon! I really really love your new blog by the way! Big hugs and blessings toyou! XXOO

raw_veganlondoner said...

Hope you had a lovely time with your little one!

ooo banana ice cream always good :)

I am having trouble drinking enough juice right now, which is draining me.. training hard and not being able to get my juice down. Being patient

Have a fab week ! xx

Annette said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Linc and you too Queen B! How interesting, but somehow not surprising, that we share the same birthday! Hope you day was wonderful - 32 is a great time (3+2=5). Numerologically, 5 represents change - sounds like your year will be filled with happy, wise and wonderful change / growth.
What's the story on the "immigration process" for you and Felix? Are you going to move to Jamaica?
lots of love,

Queen B said...

Thanks for the love ladies!

Hope you are able to get that juice down your throat soon RVL!

Hey Annette!- We are in the process of getting Felix "permanent residency" status here in the US so he can't leave here even for a vacation until the "process" is completed... After that is done we are thinking of spending 6 mos. in the US and 6 mos. in the Caribbean per year. I gotta figure out how to make that all work financially but that is where we are leaning...

Love to you all!