Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am just posting a little update in an attempt to keep track of my own self... I am currently focusing on raw foods again. I am not exclusively raw as I eat out in ethnic restaurants about twice per week. However, my usual program goes something like this: first thing in morning- green tea or yerba mate tea with honey and lemon/lime and my handful of supplements that includes a raw women's multivitamin, resveratrol, vitamin d3, vitamin c, spirulina, blue-green algae, probiotic pearls, vitamin b12, and some other stuff that I can't remember and don't take regularly anyway... Then about 1/2 hour later I make a green juice with apple, lemon, and ginger. Then at about 10 or 11 am I make a smoothie with hemp seeds, hemp oil, flax seeds, fruit, vanilla, and some honey if it isn't sweet enough. I also sometimes add superfoods like raw cacao powder, camu powder, lacuma, fo-ti, reishi mushroom extract, maca powder, etc. I don't usually eat again until mid-afternoon when I have a salad meal or sometimes another smoothie or a green smoothie. For my evening meal I eat veggies, usually cooked, with sweet potatoes or rice or sometimes Ezekiel bread, but I am really trying to avoid eating grains. When I go out to eat I try to avoid gluten and dairy, but am only successful about 70% of the time. I do still "lose it and go crazy" about 3 times per month and end up eating pizza or some other foolishness... So basically I am all over the place but still doing OK. I have finally given up worrying about my weight and am just focusing on being healthy and feeling great. This is helping immensely and I highly recommend it... I have been very busy lately with multiple projects always happening simultaneously. This is actually a blessing as I think that it is indicating that I am finally moving through my recent bout of depression which lasted from late September until about Christmas time. This depression was caused by my own retardation. I took a job in February of 2009 as a chef/kitchen manager at a natural foods store in CT with my best friend and business partner Jamaica Barbara, you remember her, right? So Lincoln and I moved up to CT away from sunny Florida and darling husband Felix in the middle of February to take said job. You can already see where this is going, can't you... Anyhow, long story very short, the job sucked and wasn't what I moved up here to do, but the people that I worked with (not for) were great and the people who ate our food every day and were so lovely and kind and were such a blessing. Me and Barbara made some crazy vegan and raw foods in the middle of uptight, yuppie CT and people loved it, which is a very good sign. The job dissolved in a very tacky and unpleasant way at the end of September and I felt like a dumb and stupid failure until the insanity of Christmas overtook my brooding and I snapped out of it. Oh, and by the way, during all of this, me and Felix also went through the entirely-too-stressful INS permanent residency process which, thanks to all benevolent deities, resulted in him FINALLY being granted a green card after us being married for SEVEN years. Your tax dollars at work folks... A true extravaganza of red tape at it's finest. So here I am in CT, living at my Mom's, with my son who is attending public school. Felix is working in Florida and we are waiting for the city to buy our house so they can expand the already obnoxious airport and build slanted, elevated runways over two major highways... I could have moved back to Florida after the j-o-b ended but Lincoln was loving school and who wants to move back to a house that could be sold at any moment anyway? So it is not fun being away from my husband but it is fun spending all my time rearranging and redesigning my Mom's house (excuse me, the family home as she now insists we call it) and attending reggae shows in the snow. Jamaica Barbara and I are working some angles and will be selling food again soon to all of the hungry lunchers in Mystic, CT who can't find anything healthy to eat EVEN AT THE F-ING HEALTH FOOD STORE...
Signing off for now.
Blessing you all with love and scintillating light beams.


Greenmama said...

Glad to see you back. Sounds like it's been a wild ride and a learning experience.

Hugs and Happy New Year!


Lady C said...

I enjoy your blog- I especially love your radio! I hope you are reunited with your husband soon!

Queen B said...

Thanks for all the love, friends!

Solar Oven said...

New update needed! Hope all is good with you. Missing your posts!!!